Chloé Génin

A background in engineering, with a PhD in fluid mechanics, my first career was in research in the aerospace sector. I also have a master’s degree in scientific and technical translation from Haute Alsace University.

I have long-standing international experience, comprising of almost 15 years living in Germany with extensive international cooperation and participation in scientific conferences all over the world.

  • Mentoring of international students
  • Lectures at Stuttgart University and seminars for PhD students
  • Coordination and management of international projects (FR/DE, DE/JP/FR, DE/US, DE/SE) on behalf of the German Aerospace Centre

Writing of research reports and scientific articles in German, English and French

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You can call on Blume for one-time services through the translation of documents or recurring activities, to support your international projects.

Blume helps you optimize the communication with international partners, reducing difficulties by identifying cultural differences, providing you with the tools you need for more productive interactions.


The need for international communication continues to increase.
The services of machine translation still do not provide satisfying quality;

Blume offers services based on solid technical expertise, coupled with a long cultural experience, result of a 15-year-long career with the German Aerospace Centre as a researcher and coordinator of international projects.